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The Full Story

Interior design



We design, shop and style your project. 

Good for individuals and companies.


Individual quotation for each project.

No charge for first meeting.



Interior design with styling.


Individual quotation for each project.

No charge for first meeting.





Interior Consultation with an overview on your space and a 2-3 hour visit where we give you good advice with design and colors and all questions answered.


Price 37.500 + vsk

We recommend that people send us photos along with information about the project,  style you want and changes you are thinking about. We prepare as we can with ideas and thoughts before we meet. This way you get the most out of your visit.

Minta litir


Litaráðgjöf á heimili. Við komum í heimsókn og ráðleggjum þér með samsetningu og val lita fyrir þitt rými með tilliti til efnis og húsgagna.


Fast verð 25.000 + vsk

For companies

We offer variety of services for companies


Overseeing projects

Purchasing services

Window displays

Styling in stores

Individual quotation for each project.

No charge for first meeting.

Graphic design



Full branding package.

Let us do it all, logo design, branding, brand awareness and brand image.

Contact us and get a quotation for your project



Logo design

We design two ideas for you. You pick which one you like and we finalise the design with you.


Written for you!

Specialised lettering for you

Nadeem designs a poster or a card as per your request. Hand lettering or computer render as you wish.


f.ex. Wedding invitations.

We can make you a wedding package deal also.

Christmas cards.

Birthday invites or cards.

Invites for opening parties.

Childrens names on posters.

Opening in a guest book.

Couples names on a poster or card,

- Perfect wedding present !


If you have any special request or a question contact us here!

Digital Invitation

Are you having a partie?



Naming party


Opening party

Or just a party!


Let us design you a digital invite you can use on social media or via email !

Confetti Girl


Event and party service!

We can decorate your party or event and we even do smaller weddings.

We will do your design, purchasing or rent and install. 

We can even work in collaboration with your flower services or food services to make sure everything is to a 10.

We install and we take everything down for you. You can just show up to your party without a worry!

Get an offer for your project,

Thanks for your interest in us! We will be in contact as soon as we can!

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